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Turbines of British pilots

Subtitle: The birth and description of the first gas turbines in the United Kingdom

First edition, December 2020

Chapter I: Introductionpage___3
Influence of II. world war
Some aspects of jet drives
Performance of gas turbines for aircraft
Turboshaft motors
Chapter II: Beginning of the development of British axial motors in RAEpage 9
Alan Arnold Griffith
Other work by Dr. Griffith on axial compressors
Hayne Constant
Anne test compressor
Another version of axial compressors
Beginning of cooperation with Metrovick
Turbocharger Betty B.10
Turbine engine D.11
Axial compressors Fred and Sarah
Some aspects of jet engine development
Jet engines F.1 and F.2
Turbine division at RAE
Committee on cooperation in the field of jet engines
Chapter III: Frank Whittlepage 26
The first patent
Establishment of Power Jets
Tests of the first experimental engine
The second version of the WU engine
The third modified WU model
W.1 engine for flight tests
Improved engine W.2
Another version of the W.2 engine
Whittle engines in the United States
Methods of increasing the power of Power Jets engines
LR1 two spool motor
Extinction of Power Jets
The birth of the NGTE organization
The next fate of F. Whittle
Chapter IV: Gloster E.28/39page 59
Preliminary concept of an airplane
Design and construction of prototypes
Airplane taxiing tests
The first take–off of Pioneer
Description of the aircraft design
Other destinies E.28 / 39
Chapter V: Miles M.52page 72
The creation of the supersonic aircraft program
Miles’ entry into the project
Aircraft development
Description of M.52
End of project
Chapter VI: Roverpage 81
Entry into the production of jet engines
The first W.2 engines at Rover
Production of an improved W.2B engine
Collaboration with Joseph Lucas
W.2B/26 jet engine
Takeover by the Rolls-Royce
Chapter VII: Rolls–Roycepage 91
Stanley Hooker
Situation after the takeover of Rover
Engine W.2B/23
B.23 Welland engine description
Afterburner on a Welland engine
B37 Derwent
Engine description of Derwent I
Derwent I engine maintenance
Chapter VIII: RB.41 Nenepage 112
Rolls-Royce Nene, another in a series of radial motors
Nene engine testing
Air inlet and compressor
Combustion chambers
Gas turbine and outlet nozzle
Drive box
The cooling system
Lubrication system
Fuel system
Control processes in the engine
Starting the engine
Another version of Nene
Inspection and maintenance
Lancastrian tests
Plessey turbine starter
Foreign licenses RB.41
Successes in the United States
Chapter IX: Other RR enginespage 141
New variants of the Derwent series
Engine description Derwent V
Rolls – Royce Tay
Ground use of jet engines
Trent turboprop
Turboprop RB.39 Clyde
The success of the Dart engine
A. A. Griffith in Derby
Griffith’s VTOL system
Flying Bedstead – description
The first Rolls-Royce axial motor
Further development at Rolls-Royce
Departure and return of S. Hooker
Chapter X: Gloster Meteorpage 171
Project F.9 / 40
The first serial Meteors
Gloster Meteor F.3
The fourth version of Meteor
Other variants of Meteor aircraft
Description of the aircraft Meteor F.3
Derwent I and related systems
Description of engine operation
Flight characteristics and performance comparison
Changes related to the Derwent V engine
Chapter XI: British military aircraft for RRpage 194
Gloster E.1 / 44
Supermarine Attacker
Attacker aircraft design
Supermarine Type 510
Other Supermarine fighters with a radial engine
Hawker Sea Hawk
Aircraft description Sea Hawk F.1
Other Hawker aircraft
Avro jet delta wings
Boulton Paul
Other military aircraft with RR engines
Chapter XII: Foreign aircraft with RR enginespage 223
Dutch training aircraft
Early Argentine jet fighters
Advent of Italian jet aircraft
The rise of jets in France
French multi-engine jets
Other French aircrafts with RR engines
The first Dassault fighters
Chapter XIII: Armstrong Whitworth AW.52page 237
Glider model
Engine prototypes
Description of AW.52
Propulsion unit
Chapter XIV: Transport aircrafts for RRpage 244
The first jet transport planes
Avro transport aircraft
Vickers Viscount
Description of Viscount series 700
Other airliners with Dart engines
Dutch Fokker transport planes
Avro Canada Jetliner
Description of the C-102 prototype
Chapter XV: De Havillandpage 263
Frank Bernard Halford
Halford drive concept
H.1 ngine testing
Description of test equipment
H.1 in the United States
Goblin production
Another version of the Goblin
Chapter XVI: Goblin 2 engine descriptionpage 277
Static structure
Combustion chambers
Gas turbine
Jet nozzle
Front of the engine
Lubrication circuit
Fuel system
Differences of the Goblin 3 fuel system
Starting the engine
Goblin 2 parameters
Engine maintenance
Testing after installation or repair
Chapter XVII: Fighter plane dH Vampirepage 297
Project DH.100
Serial production
Later variants of the Vampire
Landing on an aircraft carrier
Description of the aircraft version F.1
Drives and related systems
Engine control and tests of version F.1
Vampire drive group maintenance
DH.100 with afterburner
Vampire abroad
Chapter XVIII: Other dH enginespage 316
Propulsion unit H.2
Version of the second dH jet engine
Design differences of the Ghost engine
De Havilland engines abroad
Other engines de Havilland
Chapter XIX: Jet aircraft with de Havilland enginespage 327
DH.108 Swallow
Swedish turbojets
Venom and Sea Vixen
Fiat G.80
Crusader speedboat
F. Halford’s lecture on the future of aircraft
Transport aircraft dH Comet
Description of DH.108 versions
Description of the Comet model 1
Comet 1 powerplants
Chapter XX: Metropolitan–Vickerspage 350
The first version of the engine F.2
F.2/4 Beryl
Mechanical construction of the Beryl engine
Engine systems F.2/4
Metropolitan – Vickers F.3
Propfan F.5
Armstrong Siddeley F.9 Sapphire
Marine applications of axial motors
Other marine engines of the G series
Civilian use of Metrovick engines
Saunders – Roe jet seaplane
Description SR.A / 1
Bluebird K7
Chapter XXI: Armstrong Siddeley Motorspage 380
Axial engine ASX
ASP turboprop
Python engine description
Westland Wyvern aircraft
Construction of Wyvern fighter S.4
Cockpit and Wyvern controls
Chapter XXII: Turboprop AS Mambapage 401
Requirements for a naval aircraft
Armstrong Siddeley Mamba
Planes for Mamba engine
Double Mamba
Fairey Gannet
Construction of the Gannet aircraft
The following AS engines
Chapter XXIII: Bristol enginespage 427
Theseus turboprop
Tests of the first Bristol turboprop
Theseus engine design
Bristol Proteus
Engine description of Proteus 2
Proteus 3
Coupled Proteus
Bristol propellerless drives
Other Bristol gas turbines
Chapter XXIV: Bristol drives in aircraftpage 457
Birth of a seaplane SR.45
Prototypes of the Princess aircraft
End of the Saunders-Roe seaplane
Construction of the airframe SR.45
Installation of propulsion units in the Princess
Bristol Brabazon Mk.II
Bristol Britannia Typ 175
Britannia production
Construction of the Britannia plane
Chapter XXV: Non-flight applications of Proteus enginespage 484
Bluebird CN7
CN7 vehicle construction
Marine use of Bristol engines
Marine Proteus in speedboats
Proteus as a hovercraft drive
Technical details of hovercraft SR.N4
Use of Proteus to generate electricity
Chapter XXVI: Napier turbine drivespage 499
Compound drive concept
Nomad I engine design
Nomad II aircraft engine
Napier Naiad
Naiad turboprop construction
Napier Eland
Engine description Eland
Other Napier turbine drives
Chapter XXVII: Napier turbine engine planespage 523
Eland in airliners
Fairey jet helicopters
Fairey Rotodyne project
Prototype tests
Description of the Fairey Rotodyne
Rotodyne machine control
Westland turboshaft helicopter
End of the Westminster project
Chapter XXVIII: British engines in the Soviet Unionpage 543
German technology in the USSR
Acquisition of Rolls-Royce radial engines
RD-500 radial motor
RD-45, copy of RR engine
Yakovlev’s jets
Soviet aircraft for radial engines
Aircraft propulsion VK-1
Description of afterburner on VK-1F
Planes for VK-1
Mikoyan and Gurevich fighters
Description of the MiG-15bis fighter
The first Ilyushin jets
Chapter XXIX: Soviet aviation technology in the Czechoslovakiapage 580
The arrival of Soviet aircraft
Licensed production of MiG aircraft
Start of production of radial motors in Czechoslovakia
M06 jet engine
Further use of Klimov jet engines
Licensed production in the world
Chapter XXX: Conclusionpage 592
Reorganization of the UK aviation industry
Appendixpage 595
   Appendix 1: Scheme of relations in the aviation industry during the initial period of development of jet engines
   Appendix 2: Overview of the post-war use of British aircraft engines with a radial compressor in various aircraft around the world
   Appendix 3: Overview of the first British gas turbines and their parameters
   Appendix 4: Overview of the first British aircraft with gas turbines
   Appendix 5: Bibliography
   Appendix 6: Index
   Contentspage 607

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