This web is representing two publications about a history of gas turbines for aircraft – Turbines for Luftwaffe and Turbines of British pilots. Target of the books was thorough and detailed topic processing the birth of turbojets, turboprops and turboshaft engines, both during Second world war in Germany and in case of the second book in Great Britain. Of course with overlap into another world countries.
It is very extensive topic, which has not been very deeply processed in Czech language yet. Attentive reader has a possiblity to insight into a mystery of this extraordinary technically and historically interesting of aviation branch of turbine propulsions.

Eduard Dokoupil, the author.

Cover of the first book called Turbines for Luftwaffe and onto title is an illustration by Zdenek Machacek. It is legendary all–wing jet fighter Horten H IX V2 from 18th February 1945 at the Oranienburg airport

Cover of the second book called Turbines of British pilots and onto title is an illustration by Zdenek Machacek again. It is prototype of British jet seaplane Saunders–Roe SR.A/1 with two axial jet engines Metropolitan–Vickers F.2/4 Beryl

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